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We have a lot of room for games and sports, for artistic activities, for relaxing, learning and conversation. We have created an environment in which our guests can spend their time in a wide variety of ways — but it is up to them to design their own program. We don′t offer "entertainment," but we do offer every possible form of support from the Afacan team. A stay at the meeting center should be well prepared ahead of time, depending on whether it is meant to be a time of coming together with others, relaxing, evaluating a trip or learning.

In Afacan you will find:

  • a cafeteria with a small stage and a cozy corner with a fireplace and armchairs
  • a big, bright, covered meeting room called "Unutmabeni"
  • a covered terrace facing the sea where guests can dance and play music until around midnight (great for dance parties, karaoke, etc.)
  • a workshop where guests can work with paper, paint and other materials; there is running water and a silkscreen frame. (Please bring your own materials).
  • a small reading room with books in German, Turkish and other languages, with a lot of books for children and young people
  • two meeting rooms
  • a small playing field for soccer, basketball or volleyball
  • a swimming pool with goals that can be set up for water polo
  • a floating island in the sea
  • an outdoor wood-burning oven
  • lawns with trees for shade
  • hammocks, adjustable recliners, benches and lounge chairs
  • table tennis and table football
  • computers with Internet access
  • a CD player, VCR and projector
  • workshop materials (flipchart, markers, index cards, etc.)
  • games and movies
  • outdoor screen for movies

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