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dritte Welt – Hier!

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About us

The working group called dritte Welt – Hier! or the third world at home, was formed in 1986.

We support projects in Germany and neighboring countries that use information, education and culture

  • to call attention to poverty, suffering, oppression and violence in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.
  • to highlight the responsibility for those situations born by Germany and other industrialized countries.
  • to counter racism and discrimination in Germany.

The dritte Welt – Hier! working group has between eight and eleven volunteer members, who collectively bring to the table many years of experience working for development aid organizations or other NGOs. The working group meets every three to five weeks. Applications for grants of € 99.99 are discussed with the same care as those for grants of € 5,000.

1. Main objective

The main objective of the dritte Welt – Hier! working group is to foster "one world" educational and public relations work in Germany and its neighboring countries.

2. Grant guidelines

2.1. The working group gives priority to projects that

  • have a radical (in the strict sense of the term, i.e. at the roots) approach to changing existing conditions.
  • work on a clearly-defined, grassroots level and as independently as possible from government.
  • can continue or begin their work with reasonable support from the dritte Welt – Hier! working group.

2.2. Grants are not awarded for the ongoing financing of a group, for staff positions or for activities that are of long-term duration.

2.3. The dritte Welt – Hier! working group considers it essential to advise applicants on other means of financing that might be available and strives to be merely a part of a mixed funding model.

2.4. The working group does not provide grants to individuals or projects comprising the work of only one individual.

3. The decision process

.1. All applications must be submitted to the Foundation office at least seven days before the next meeting of the working group. Conference handouts will not be accepted.

3.2. Applications must be in writing and contain the following details:
  • name, legal status, address and contact person of the applicant group
  • description of the background and objectives of the group′s overall work
  • description of the work for which the potential grant money will be used and its desired effect
  • details of the target group and planned duration of the measure and details of other possible funding entities that have been approached and whether or not those have made a decision yet.
  • detailed breakdown of the total funding needs.
  • planned financing model — amount applied for from the dritte Welt – Hier! working group as well as other potential donors.

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