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The working groups

There are six working groups with about six to twelve members each. Every working group has its own budget, which it is free to allocate based on its own criteria in keeping with Foundation objectives. The working groups meet regularly to decide on incoming applications or on their own projects. They are responsible for ensuring that the monies are allocated according to the Foundation′s statutes, that the accounting gets done and that the required reports are completed. Monies that haven′t been spent or earmarked by the end of a calendar year are carried over into the overall budget of the following year.

The various working groups not only have different goals and areas of responsibility, but also different working styles. The members of every working group decide for themselves how to approach their goals, what criteria to apply when making decisions, who can be a member, what projects to initiate and whom to delegate to serve on Foundation committees.

Every working group delegates two members to the Steering Committee and must be represented by one member on the Board of Trustees.

All working group meeting minutes, receipts and reports are made available to all other Umverteilen! members.

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