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About us

More than just Tiger Balm

The Asia working group founded in 1988, supports projects run by social movements, grassroots initiatives and action-groups in East, Southeast and South Asia. On a smaller scale we also support Asia-related projects run by immigrants as well as in the field of education and public awareness.

The Asia working group aims to contribute to the eradication of political, social, economic, racial and sexist oppression. It favours projects that have little chance of being supported by other institutions, either because they are too small, politically too contentious or conceptually too unusual. Within this context the Asia working group attempts to react as sensitively as possible to current developments, changes and crises in Asia and Europe.

The Asia working group supports projects in the field of education, culture, public relations, health, ecology, economic self-support, South-South-exchanges, strengthening the organizational capacity of self-helping groups as well as lobbying, advocacy and human rights.

The projects should be embedded in a political context and include a self-contribution, which doesn′t necessarily have to be of a financial nature. The interests of women are especially taken into consideration.

The Asia working group, at present consisting of six members, meets every four to six weeks.

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