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Support criteria

Application guidelines for applications to the dritte Welt – Hier! working group

  • The application should be no longer than two A4 pages. Additional material may be appended to the application if necessary. The application should include details of who you are (non-profit, how long in existence, how many members), what you want to accomplish, how you plan to accomplish it, with whom you plan to cooperate to do so and how you will verify that your goals have been achieved.
  • The grant amount for which you are applying must be clearly stated on page one.
  • The project should be as self-contained as possible. This also applies to "modules" of a larger overall project.
  • You must show evidence that you are looking for funding from additional sponsors. The results (to date) of such efforts should be presented in your application in a table.
  • A minimum of 25% of your financing must be from funding that you are providing yourself in a quantifiable form (member work, goods or services).
  • You should demonstrate attempts to involve in the project other organizations working on the same issues. If this was not possible, please explain why.
  • We will not pay for any travel costs "from here to there".
  • We will pay a maximum of half of travel costs "from there to here".
  • In the case of publications, we consider it important that you weigh the comparative costs ahead of time to establish whether publication on the Internet, perhaps combined with a large-scale mailing, might be less expensive than traditional print publication.
  • We will only provide grants to book projects in exceptional cases and then only to a registered charity that plans to make the book part of its overall public relations strategy.
  • We cannot assume any loans, although we may provide an indemnity guarantee.
  • We will not provide long-term subsidies, such as for a newsletter.
  • All e-mails to the Foundation must display a signature with a real name, mailing address, organization name and e-mail address.

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