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Attention new application procedures!

Dear applicants,

this year we have a new procedure: There are four fixed submission deadlines for your projects each year. These are: March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1. Please note that your application should be received by the respective deadline at the latest. Applications after this date will automatically be considered for the next deadline. Your applications will then be processed and decided upon within 4 weeks of the respective deadline.

E-mail for your application:

We wish you many successful projects!

With solidarity,

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About us

Umverteilen!′s Women′s Issues working group was founded in 1988 and some of us have been members from the beginning. We come from different countries, and our backgrounds reflect a variety of experiences. What we have in common is our experience in feminist or internationalist projects and movements. We view the Umverteilen!′s Women′s Issues working group as an opportunity to continue this work.

We consider our focus to be on supporting women who want to develop, live and disseminate their own ideas. We support projects that resist sexual, patriarchal, religious or racist oppression and that improve women′s social and economic situations in many different ways. Our goal is for women to form networks with one another and to expand their political and cultural opportunities for action. The projects should be at the grassroots level and independent of political parties.

We value active exchange with the women in the projects we support, because that is how we get acquainted with different forms of action and a variety of approaches. Our goal is not only to support women′s projects, but to learn from the women involved.

The main focus of our support lies on projects outside of Germany. We are currently particularly involved in South Korea (project with migrant women), Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, Iran, Kurdistan (Turkey/Iraq), Belarus, Colombia, Niger, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Congo, Turkey and Israel (Palestinian-Israeli project). We support projects in Germany only in exceptional cases.

We work as volunteers and meet once a month. Sometimes women from the projects we subsidize visit us. Our working group is responsible for making decisions regarding project applications; Umverteilen!′s office manages formal implementation.

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